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1. General

These operating conditions apply to the website is an informative website about the designer Sigrid Brondeel. By using this website, you commit to accepting and abiding by these operating conditions.

2. Contact details

The website is run by, and under the responsibility of, Sigrid Brondeel on behalf of Huis Brondeel with its registered office at Ledebaan 45, 9260 Wichelen, Belgium, e-mail: All correspondence in connection with this website must be conducted by mail or by e-mail by means of these contact details.

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By accessing and using this website, you undertake not to use this website or any information contained therein unlawfully and act in good faith at all times. When using this website, for example inscription of the newsletter, you commit to not violating the rights of Sigrid Brondeel or the rights of third parties. In particular, you undertake to respect all intellectual rights of ownership of Sigrid Brondeel and of third parties, including, but not limited to, copyrights, trade mark rights and database rights. If in doubt about a specific use, you commit to consulting the website operator in this connection.

4. Intellectual rights of ownership

All Works – or parts thereof - including (but not exclusively) audio clips, text, drawings, photos, films, images, data, layout, software, as well as all brands, logos, names, trade names and domain names, together with any data and databases included in the website, belong to Sigrid Brondeel or third parties and are directly or indirectly protected by intellectual rights of ownership. Sigrid Brondeel would like to point out that for the use of the above-mentioned works, if the rights belong to third parties, it has obtained the express permission from the proprietors. This permission, however, is reserved for the use of the website by Sigrid Brondeel and does not apply to third parties. It is expressly prohibited, without prior written approval by Sigrid Brondeel or the proprietor, to reproduce (other than is necessary for the use of the website), amend, make public, distribute or send, sell, adopt, transfer, or grant rights to third parties for, the work and information offered on this website or any other materials that is protected by intellectual rights of ownership.

5. Linking

If from a different location you post a link to this website or to a page on this website, you undertake to posting this link to the start or home page It is not permitted to post links to certain information within the website directly or post it directly to certain pages (deeplinking). In this way, the rights of our sponsors, inter alia, are respected. This website may contain hyperlinks to websites or to webpages of third parties, or refer to them in any other way. Sigrid Brondeel has no say over the content or other features of these websites or webpages, or over the possible amendment thereof. The placing of links by Sigrid Brondeel or referring to other websites does not in any way imply approval of the content or features of these websites or webpages.

6. Privacy and protection of personal data

Except for the processing of non-personal data – such as for example IP numbers – which are necessary for the website to function, Sigrid Brondeel only collects personal data that is provided by the visitor on a voluntary basis. Cookies will be installed with the user with a view to improving the website’s user friendliness. You can avoid the use of cookies by adapting your web browser. When completing the registering on the mailing list, you grant Sigrid Brondeel the right to make the messages and information provided by you available in the visitors’ book which is accessible to the public for an indeterminate period of time. You always have the right to have your details removed from the mailing list within a reasonable period of time. Sigrid Brondeel is entitled to remove your messages or details without any need to justify its actions. When registering on the mailing list, Sigrid Brondeel grants you the right to send mailings or newsletters to the indicated address, even if these were to include information from third parties (e.g. advertising of sponsors or announcements of events) for an unspecified period of time. The messages and information provided by you will not be passed on to third parties. You are entitled to opt out at any time and have this opportunity in each newsletter. In accordance with the Act of 8 December 1992 to protect the privacy with regard to the processing of personal data, you are entitled to gain free access to your personal details, or indeed to amend or remove them. You can direct your application for perusal, amendment or removal to Sigrid Brondeel via or via the above postal address.

7. Liability

Sigrid Brondeel is not liable for any viruses, if these were to be spread or downloaded via the site. Sigrid Brondeel cannot in any event be held liable for the unlawful use by third parties of works, lyrics, comments, personal information or any other information that has been posted on the website. Sigrid Brondeel cannot in any event be held liable for the content of the texts or messages. If third parties were to take umbrage at the content of certain messages, they must notify Sigrid Brondeel in writing, upon which this will be discussed in mutual consultation. If direct or indirect advice is given via this website, then this will be done without any form of guarantee and Sigrid Brondeel cannot be held liable in this respect.

8. Jurisdiction and applicable legislation

This website is subject to Belgian law. In the event of any disputes, an attempt will be made to settle the matter out of court first. In any event, it is the courts of the Dendermonde court district that will be competent.

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