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Rob Sas: Creative partner of Sigrid

TWO ARTISTS MAKING DREAMS COME TRUE Rob cannot be classified under one persona. He is an artist, photographer, conceptual thinker and entrepreneur. When Rob and Sigrid met there was a synergy from the very first moment. The ideas flowed all over the place and the most beautiful dreams came about which they now try to […]

Do you have a Passion for Pearls?

Sigrid shares her passion for pearls with an international audience, “To me pearls are the most pure and timeless material that exists. A design including pearls is always remarkably feminine and refined.” SIGRID B. Pearl creations are often worn at prestigious events for their natural royal appearance. They are bride’s favorite jewel to complete a […]


Making jewelry is like giving shape to your feelings, hopes and dreams

For Sigrid, designing jewelry is something organic, it comes from the heart. Working in assignment of a big jeweller would simply restrict the creative process of Sigrid. She is passionate about what she does and needs to tell her own story. She needs to be her own jeweller.
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