Sigrid Brondeel

Jewelry Designer / CEO

„Creating jewels of eternal beauty which underline your utmost individuality is pure excitement!”


Her believe in love and Sigrid’s passion for beauty makes that she wants to create jewelry that last forever with materials like gold diamonds and pearls who are as rare and unique as the one who are wearing her designs.

– Robbie Sas

The world is full of stories, so is the collection of Sigrid B. Every piece of jewelry has its story. Shaping this story and giving it form, is pure emotion. The production process of how jewelry is manufactured is another story. It’s about quality and choosing the right materials. It is an important factor Sigrid will never compromise on.

This is her story

Sigrid grew up in the jewelry shop of her parents. Her whole life she has been surrounded by precious and beautiful things. While her family saw a great jewel designer in Sigrid, she herself aspired so much more. She worked hard to fulfill her dream of becoming a jeweler of her own with a personal collection. For her, every jewel should tell a new story.

For Sigrid, designing jewelry is something organic, it comes from the heart. Working in assignment of a big jeweller would simply restrict the creative process of Sigrid. She is passionate about what she does and needs to tell her own story. She needs to be her own jeweller.

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