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A unique service offered to the clients of SigridB jewelry Design

„Creating jewels of eternal beauty which underline your utmost individuality is pure excitement!”

Sigrid B. has an endless passion for creating extraordinary jewellery. Her designs are a reflection of her soul and embody stories from life. She wants to bring her passion to people all over the world introducing a new top Bespoke service. This new all-inclusive service closely involves the client in the creative process of making a unique piece of jewellery. And it goes even beyond that…

By introducing a Bespoke service Sigrid B. wants to show how important the relationship with a customer is with regards to the whole process of creating a unique and exceptional piece. A custom made jewel is a combination of carefully selected materials and a design the envisions what you stand for. The result is a highly personalized piece of jewellery telling a unique story.

The experience starts with a meeting in one of our points of sale, at your home, or at your favourite place to be. This is a time to discuss and exchange ideas around the design and materials of your very own unique piece. First, Sigrid B. makes some concept drawings of your ultimate piece, hereby taken in mind your particular story. She will present the design to you and adjust it to your perfection. Following is a 3D image of the jewel which visualises how it will look like in reality. Only after seeing eye to eye on every detail, the production of your special piece will be started.

Sigrid B. takes this personalized service to a new level, also adding an element of excitement and anticipation as the finished piece is unveiled. A Sigrid B. jewel will be delivered to you in a state of the art IPI BOX exclusively fit for your piece. Any other delivery request that enhances the experience of being closely involved with the creation and design will be met with. In this respect anything is possible and the sky is the limit.

Please feel free to make an appointment. Sigrid B. is at your service to guide you at your journey in choosing the perfect jewel.

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