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„Creating jewels of eternal beauty which underline your utmost individuality is pure excitement!”

Sigrid B. has an endless passion for creating extraordinary jewellery.
Her designs are a reflection of her soul and embody stories from life.
She wants to bring her passion to people all over the world with her Bespoke service.
This all-inclusive service closely involves the client in the creative process of making a unique piece of jewelry.
And it goes even beyond that…

Bespoke examples

Bespoke service: For Sigrid the relationship with a customer is important with regards to the whole process of creating a unique and exceptional piece.
Sigrid love’s to work from the begin till the end on a piece of jewelry together with you.
The result is a highly personalized piece of jewelry telling a unique story.

Her clients come from all over the world and they want her creativity and craftsmanship for their unique jewelry projects therefore she’s also known as the “The Flying Jewelry Designer“.
Sigrid is THE secret of many costumers because privacy is of great importance for her and her clients.

Sigrid takes you on a unique journey to create a piece of jewelry that reflects your personality and style. It starts with a meeting, where she listens to your wishes and ideas.
Together you explore the possibilities and Sigrid adds her years of knowledge, creating a vision for the perfect jewel.

After this brainstorming session, Sigrid gets to work. She starts by sketching designs, integrating your input to create a unique and customized piece of jewelry. After receiving feedback from the sketches (always exciting), the finishing touches are added using advanced 3D design software to visualize the concept. This gives you a lifelike image of the end product.

Sigrid then carefully selects the diamonds, stones and other sustainable and unique materials. Every detail is chosen with extreme precision, with the aim of creating a jewel that is not only beautiful to look at, but also fully meets your wishes. In her studio she makes your jewelry with the utmost precision, patience and craftsmanship, supplemented with the most modern techniques and equipment.

Finally: The jewel is ready! Your journey with Sigrid resulting in a completely unique jewel with your message. Wear and cherish it and pass it on to future generations as a precious heirloom.

Please feel free to make an appointment. Sigrid is at your service to guide you at your journey in choosing the perfect jewel.

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